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The Green Hornet was an American radio program that ran on WXYZ (Detroit), the Mutual Network and the ABC Blue Network from January 31, 1936 to December 5, 1952. Created by WXYZs George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, who also created The Lone Ranger, the juvenile adventure series initially starred Al Hodge in the title role, followed by Donovan Faust (1943), Robert Hall (1944-51) and Jack McCarthy (1951-52). The radio show used Rimsky-Korsakovs "Flight of the Bumblebee" as its theme song, blended with a hornet buzz created on a theremin.

Show Names : Bus_Accidents, Carnival, Clearing_Mayor_Of_Graft, Crandell_And_The_Murder_Rin, Deception_Inc, Ghor_Crandell_And_The_Murder_, Hot_Money_And_Death, Justice_Wears_A_Blindfold, Juvenile_Delinquency, Man_Of_Many_Words, A_Matter_Of_Evidence, Bait_For_A_Two_Timer, Exposed, Face_In_The_Televisi, Mr_Big_s_Drugstore_R, Pretenders_To_The_Th, The_Devil_s_Playgrou, The_Song_Racket, Underwater_Adventure, Words_And_Music, A_Pair_Of_Nylons, A_Question_Of_Time, Gaspen, Murder_For_Sale, Soldier_And_His_Dog, The_Figure_In_The_Ph, The_Letter, Washington_Story, Woman_In_The_Case, Youth_Takes_The_Head, Ballots_And_Bluff, Black_Market_For_Pro, Boathouse_Mystery, Drops_A_Hint, George_Haven_s_Secre, Paid_In_Full, Superhighway_Robbery, The_Gas_Station_Prot, The_Hornet_Does_It, A_Slip_Of_The_Lip, Murder_Across_The_Bo, Murder_Trips_A_Rat, Poor_Substitutes_For, Reservoir_For_Murder, The_Corpse_That_Wasn, The_Highway_That_Gra, The_Parking_Lot_Rack, Unexpected_Meeting, Votes_For_Sale,